We offer a set of physiotherapeutic services for prevention and treatment, to be always in the best physical shape and to feel excellent.

The procedures in the Cedar Sauna, which is made out of 160 kg of Siberian cedar, are done using raw cedar oil, named fito-balsam. They help prevent the syndrome of chronic tiredness, improves and strengthens the physical shape and increases masculine potency. The Cedar Sauna treats different skin diseases, burns, as well as gastrological and vascular problems.

It is recommended to have Cedar Sauna procedures together with massage, as a combined course which has a cumulative effect in the recovery therapy.

Monday – Friday
08:00 – 20:00

08:00 – 13:00

Physiotherapy treatments price list
Balneological treatment
200 Lei

60 Lei

General and Regional Massage
250 Lei

Impulsive-inductive magnetotherapy
60 Lei

Intramuscular injection
15 Lei

Intravenous injection
30 Lei

Intravenous transfusion
50 Lei

Treatment in Cedar Sauna
150 Lei

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